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Home Security

We offers installation service for homes and businesses, We employ experts in home security, intercoms and home theater systems, our security Experts will evaluate your security project and offer free estimate and advise to best accommodate your needs.



We become an authority on home security cameras, both standard and wireless. Our technicians , experienced, and carefully screened specialists will be happy to help you select the home security cameras best suited to your needs.

  • Indoor/Outdoor – or Both! Depending on the location of your residence, your home security system may involve indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, or a combination of both types.
  • Fixed or Wireless? Choosing between a fixed home security camera and a wireless one is a matter of both price and logistics. A trained professional from SafeTouch can assess your home and security needs to determine which system best suits your needs.

Wireless home security systems are becoming increasingly popular, We can install and monitor a wireless home security system at your home.

  • Wireless home security systems can be installed with minimal drilling, allowing for faster installation and more aesthetically appealing home security system.
  • Additionally, the cameras in a wireless home security system allow for more flexibility; they can be moved for a better view of a specific area, or you can take them with you when you change homes.