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For reasons of an economic war in China and the US, a laboratory virus is generated; that generates an extremely low percentage death. But the intention is to create a collective hysteria to unleash macroeconomic conditions that will end up benefiting one group or another. The pawns in this great game of chess are the manipulative and ignorant masses who act on immediate instinct. Like primitive organisms. As if they were single-celled living entities that only react and not the complicated biological warp that we really are. Don't react! Use your judgment and do not obtain it from the "communication" media; since they live on the fear they provoke, nor on groups with political interests that want to take advantage of this condition to attack a certain regime. At present we have at our disposal, all the knowledge, in infinity of sources in the network. Look at the statistics of mortality in relation to the population, the amount of practically spontaneous recovery in the vast majority of cases; see the obvious fact that it does not attack young people or children, that it is a virus that weakens much more than 22 °; it has a much lower death rate than that of common seasonal flu. In short, there is an immense amount of information that discovers without a shadow of doubt that this virus does not put our lives at risk; beyond the natural risk of living. Yesterday 155,700 people died; because those are the people who die every day. 600 of these people died from this virus.  And those who died have the conditions clearly identified: people over the age of 50 with a totally collapsed immune system. People living in environments below 20 ° . Please don't panic.

Im surrounded by stupid lambs... This was nothing but an economic strategy from fucking China they bought all the stocks after everyone was panicking. Fuck China and your stupid virus, I'm sure they created that fucking virus. Just wait and see how out economy gets fucked.😡😡😡